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We’ve written on a number of occasions about how you can make a statement with a plant, but what is just as important is what the plants go in. Every single one of our plants comes with a pot or basket included as standard. Not just any pot or basket, but bespoke The Little Botanical pots and baskets!

  • Metallic Dipped Pot

    Metallic Dipped Pot

    From £8.50
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  • Concrete Pot with Varnished Base

    Concrete Pot with Varnished Base

    From £8.50
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  • Belly Basket

    Belly Basket

    From £15.50
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  • Grey Ceramic Pot

    Grey Ceramic Pot

    From £18.50
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  • Glazed Pot

    Glazed Pot

    From £10.00
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  • Summer Houseplant Pots

    Summer Houseplant Pots

    From £16.00
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  • Stoneware Houseplant Pot

    Stoneware Houseplant Pot

    From £16.00
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  • Copper Bullet Stand

    Copper Bullet Stand

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About our Pots and Baskets

Where do our pots and baskets come from?

Each one of our pots is made in Portugal and we have very high standards for our production. They are produced in a small, family-run factory and we chose the factory because of how they work and the amazing products they create.

Only at The Little Botanical

Our pots and baskets are made especially for The Little Botanical. You can tell this as they have our logo stamped on them. We love that they are exclusive to us as it means we can be sure of their quality and they’re perfect for our plants.


Each of our ceramics are hand-painted and along with their stamp, this gives the pots a rustic look and some individuality. This means that no two pots are the same!

Pot colours

We have a wide range of colours and styles, from metallic dipped pots to more classic grey tones.

Gifting a The Little Botanical plant

While our plants are enough of a present, the fact they come with their own pot makes them that bit more special. It also means you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect pot to fit your plant.

What do our customers think of them?

If you want to see what people think who have already bought our plants or pots, have a read below:

“Love this pot so much! I have it on my desk next to my computer”

“Pot lovely and plant perfect”

“Super cool plant, love the oversized pot!”