We love to help our customers make the most of their space, which is why we provide a range of accessories to meet any style and care for your plants. Choose your perfect textures and new features for your home with our range of accessories.

  • Natural Macrame Plant Hanger

    Natural Macrame Plant Hanger

    From £15.00
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  • Plantsmith Beautifying Leaf Shine

    Plantsmith Beautifying Leaf Shine

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  • Moss Pole

    Moss Pole

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  • Summer Houseplant Pots

    Summer Houseplant Pots

    From £16.00
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  • Marble Plant Pot with Stand

    Marble Plant Pot with Stand

    From £27.00
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  • You Grow Girl Book

    You Grow Girl Book

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  • Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray

    Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray

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  • Large Mango Wood Coasters (Set of 2)

    Large Mango Wood Coasters (Set of 2)

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Our range of plant accessories includes:

Plant Hangers: Elevate your plants in style with our beautifully designed macrame plant hangers.

Plant Stands: Add a touch of elegance to your plant display with our range of plant stands. These stands not only provide a sturdy base for your plants but also create eye-catching arrangements at different heights.

Plant Misters: Keep your plants hydrated and happy with their charming plant misters. These misters offer a gentle and fine spray, allowing you to hydrate your plants and maintain their humidity levels.

Plant Care: We also provide a selection of plant care tools such as watering cans and misters to help you maintain and nurture your plants effectively.

Plant Decor: At The Little Botanical we love plant-themed artwork, botanical prints, and plant-related accessories that can add a unique touch to your plant display.