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At The Little Botannical, we have a huge variety of patterned plants – from zebra-style stripes, streaks of colourful bands running across the edge of leaves and bright colourful contrast veins. The technical term for plants that have foliage edged or patterned with different colours (such as splashes, spots, stripes or intricate patterns) is variegated and they can make wonderful houseplants!

The word variegated comes from Latin and means ‘composed of various colours’. The array of colours and patterns is caused by some of the plant’s cells lacking chlorophyll. They tend to work best in well-lit areas, in poorly lit areas they may produce more chlorophyll to increase their chance of survival.

The patterned leaves are primarily designed to attract attention to pollinators and become less desirable for herbivores. Luckily for us, they are also stunning to look at and can be a fantastic choice for a room that needs some character!

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