Outdoor Plants

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All of our plants are grown by us in our beautiful nurseries in Sussex. We are a British company and pride ourselves on our green fingers! Whether you are a newbie to gardening and plants, or are experienced and easily know your betulias from your begonias, we are sure you will love our outdoor plants. We know right now that it may be a bit tough for you and hope that our plants will bring a bit of colour and brightness to your homes and outdoor spaces.

Patio pleasers

A patio is the perfect place to sit outside, enjoy some sunshine and possibly some al fresco dining. It may also be the transition area to your wider garden, if you are lucky enough to have one. You can brighten up your patio by having plants clustered together, to create little spots of colour and fragrance. If your patio does open up to a lawn, then pots of plants can also help to create a path through to this, giving it an entrance it deserves.

Balcony brightness

If you live in a flat or apartment with a balcony, then make the most of the space by adding some instant colour, perhaps with our Lupins, which can grow up to 1m tall. Try also mixing it up with some begonias, to give you some colour and texture at a lower level. Combined these will help to create the effect of a little walled garden.

Flowering front gardens

While everyone is busy working away in their back gardens, they may not be thinking so much about how their homes look from the front. However, we have the perfect solution for your front garden. Our hydrangeas are simply stunning and would look picture perfect on each side of your front door. Stocked in pink and blue, you could mix it up or stick to a colour scheme and have these beautiful blooms to look at every time you come home.


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