The Little Botanical Team is so excited to announce that our summer drop is here! Prepare to channel all the sunshine vibes with this limited-edition range of fabulously colourful ceramics, perfect for adding a pop of colour to your home this summer season.

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a new lease of life with an injection of fresh, vibrant colour. Whether you’re planning on a full-scale redecoration project or you just want to change up your accessories for the season, our potted plants housed in these fabulous summer ceramics are an oh-so-perfect way to breathe new life into a room.

As ever, here at TLB HQ we’ve been keeping our green fingers on the pulse of interior design trends for summer ’22, so you can rest assured that our summer edit is designed to complement even the most stylish and on trend of interiors. From a cool blue hue, to a pop of pastel pink, with sunshine yellow and gorgeous green thrown in too, you’re sure to find a plant and pot combo in this sensational summer drop to suit your taste and elevate your interiors. Keep reading to discover all that this fab range has to offer… but be warned, when these are gone, they’re gone, so be quick!

The Summer Drop

Make a statement this season with these gorgeous potted plants in summer ceramics. Will you be in the mood to mix and match your faves or buy a bundle? Maybe you’ll complete your seasonal refresh by adding some elegant homewares to really take your summer style to the next level. 

Whether you’re keeping your refresh nice and simple, or you’re going big on the restyle, potted houseplants are the perfect accessory. These clever plants will brighten your mood as well as your home; our green friends are proven to improve your mood and concentration as well as reduce levels of airborne toxins through their air-purifying power. Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Summer Bundles

Summer Purifying Duo

Given the name of this duo, we won’t need to call you Sherlock if you’ve got a feeling that this pair of potted plants are fab air purifiers! This pair comprises two Sansevierias; commonly known as Snake Plants and affectionately known as ‘Snakey’ here at TLB. Make someone’s day, or show yourself some love with these two Snakeys potted in our blue and yellow summer ceramic plant pots. The gorgeous, vibrant green of the upright leaves complement the coloured pots perfectly and will add a real zing to your coffee table or sideboard.

Summer Purifying Duo, £45

Summer Fiesta Duo

For our next summer duo, we’ve paired Snakey in the sunshine yellow ceramic with a Blue Star Fern in the cool green pot. These gorgeous on trend colours, combined with the different shape and textures of these two green beauties make for a stunning summer addition to your indoor jungle; an easy way to instantly style up your décor and get the fun, fiesta vibes flowing.

Summer Fiesta Duo, £44

Summer Loving Duo

Do you just love summer? We hear you (and we agree with you!). Treat yourself to this pair of summer loving houseplants. This bundle sees one of our all-time faves, the Zamioculcas (also known as a ZZ Plant or Zamio) in the soft pink summer ceramic paired with a Yucca in the cool green summer ceramic. This pair is just perfect for bringing the summer vibes. The glossy green leaves of the ZZ plant contrast fabulously with the more structured look of the Yucca and they’re super easy-care too! The Zamio is well known for his willingness to be somewhat neglected – he can cope for weeks on end without water and the Yucca only needs water every couple of weeks or so. So, pack your bags and enjoy a holiday without the worry – happy days!

Summer Loving Duo, £41

Summer Trailing Duo

Who doesn’t love a trailing beauty? These two potted houseplants are simply stunning; we have the Devil’s Ivy in our limited-edition yellow ceramic and the Satin Pothos in the limited-edition blue ceramic. The gorgeous, cascading foliage of these two plants really pops against the vibrant colour of the ceramic plant pots. Devil’s Ivy is well-known for his fabulous versatility and resilience, he only needs water every 1-2 weeks and his striking, heart-shaped, two-tone leaves will grow and grow. The Satin Pothos will give you a stunning display of variegated silver and green leaves which looks oh-so-beautiful next to the more vibrant green of the Devil’s Ivy. Pop these two on a high up shelf and enjoy the trailing view!

Summer Trailing Duo, £39

Classic Plant Gangs with a Summer Makeover

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve given some of our best-selling plant gangs a summery makeover. Read on to find out more.

Calathea Trio Plant Gang

This fab trio, made up of a gorgeous selection of three beautiful Calatheas, is now available in our limited-edition summer ceramics. Calatheas, often referred to as a Prayer Plant, because their leaves move up at dusk to better reach the light and open out again at dawn as the light gets brighter. This wonderfully calming, prayer-like movement is a real treat for the eyes as the two sides of the leaves are different colours. When you combine this with the fab pop of colour from the summer pots, you’ll have yourself a unique, summery display for all to admire.

Calathea Trio Plant Gang, £66

Fern Trio Plant Gang

A Blue Star Fern, a Boston Fern and an Asparagus Fern make up this popular bundle. Each of these fab ferns bring their own character and unique good looks. From the feathery, green fronds of the Boston to the elongated, blue-green hues of the Blue Star, this fab little gang makes a great addition to your indoor jungle for bundles of texture and interest. And now that these beauties are available in our limited-edition summer ceramics, your home will feel as refreshed as you do after a chilled glass of rosé on a warm summer’s night.

Fern Trio Plant Gang, £56

Individual Plants with a Summer Makeover

For those of you who love the new summer pots but would rather just choose one plant rather than a whole bundle, we have you covered. You can either select your own gang instead of choosing a ready-made one, or buy a single plant from our summer collection. Here are some of our all-time favourites that have had a summer makeover…

Yucca in Yellow Summer Ceramic Pot

We think the spiky, structured Yucca really shines when potted in our gorgeous sunshine yellow pot, just perfect for adding a pop of colour to a dull corner.

Yucca in Yellow Summer Ceramic Pot, £21

Peace Lily in Green Summer Ceramic Pot

The beautiful Peace Lily really does personify (or should we say plantify?) calm and tranquillity. The green leaves and white blooms of this stunning plant perfectly complement the calming green tone of our summer green ceramic. All in all, this combo is a fab option for a cool, calm summer vibe.

Peace Lily in Green Summer Ceramic Pot, £20.50

Begonia Beleaf in Blue Summer Ceramic Pot

The bright tones of these beautiful, leafy begonias contrast fabulously with the cool blue of our summer ceramic for an injection of summer chic in your indoor jungle. These beauties aren’t for the time poor among you as they take a little more care than some of our other potted plants, but we think it’s totally worth it for the unique, bright display that you get in return for loving care.

Begonia Beleaf in Blue Summer Ceramic Pot, £20

Blue Star Fern in Pink Summer Ceramic Pot

Grey-blue, elongated fronds and a soft pink ceramic make for a stunning combo in the last of our rundown of top picks. This gorgeous potted plant will bring all the summer feels wherever you choose to style him – on that note, he’d be very happy in your bathroom as he loves humidity.

Blue Star Fern in Pink Summer Ceramic Pot, £21.50

In addition to our favourites listed above, all of which are available in all four of the summer colours, we also have a number of other individual plants available in our summer ceramic collection, will any of these tempt you…?

Sansevieria (Snakey), £23

Calathea, £24

Boston Fern, £20.50

Zamioculcas, £21.50

Chamaedorea, £19.50

Devil’s Ivy, £21

English Ivy, £19.50

Peperomia Watermelon, £23

So, there it is, our summer edit. We hope you love these colourful pots as much as we do. Have fun choosing your plant and pot combos to express your own summer style – then sit back, relax and get ready for the sunshine!

Once your summer refresh is complete, we’d love to see! Do tag us over on insta; @thelittlebotanical. And if you have any questions at all about our summery potted houseplants please do get in touch; [email protected].