New Birth

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It can be hard finding the perfect gift for someone who has just given birth. They may already have plenty for the baby, and realistically, babies don’t actually need a lot until they’re a bit older! Instead, you may want to treat the new parents and it is important to find something that isn’t going to add any stress in their life when they have a new little person to care for. That is precisely why we have put together this curated collection of plants and accessories.

The plants have been chosen for their low-maintenance qualities. So if the lack of sleep is getting to the new parents, they don’t need to panic about remembering to water their new houseplant. You can even pair the plants with a beautiful watering can – helping to add a bit style while counters may be filling up with bottles!

So if you’re looking for more of a unique present to celebrate a new baby, then take your pick from this selection. Once the baby has grown out of its teddies and onesies, your plant present will still be there, growing too.

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