Living Walls

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Living walls are the perfect way to introduce the much sought after biophilic design to your home. Have a browse below and prepare to be impressed.

Choosing your space

The best thing about our living walls is that they don’t have any difficult requirements. Our PlantBox troughs come in two set sizes – a set of 5, which measure 60cm by 1m or a set of 10 that measures 1.2m by 1m. Given how compact they are, you can either find a blank wall inside your home, a fence outside or even a plain bit of wall and completely transform it. The PlantBox troughs are easy to put together and can attach to a wall, so if you are really short on space, you don’t have to worry about them taking up precious room. They make ideal features for small gardens or difficult spaces. Whether you have a balcony or courtyard garden, they can create a beautiful green vertical wall. The best thing about them is that they are suitable for herbs, edibles or flowers. 

Herbs, flowers or plants – how to choose? 

We offer living wall troughs, either by themselves or with herbs or houseplants. If you want instant results then a package including plants is the way to go. Choose our herbs if you have somewhere to fill outside or houseplants if you are looking for some indoor greenery. If you’re not sure, then start with a blank canvas and fill the troughs up with a colourful selection to keep the bees and butterflies happy! Companion planting is something you might want to consider too. While some plants may attract insects such as aphids, adding certain plants next to them can help to keep these pests away. For example, chives will repel aphids and ants while at the same time providing you with delicious herbs. Try to choose plants that are quite compact to avoid your living wall from getting overgrown – otherwise, you may spend a lot of time pruning and keeping them in check! 

To make a huge statement, you can even create patterns with your plants by grouping them.

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