Lilacina Care Guide

The Echeveria Lilacina is an exceptionally pretty succulent with fleshy grey leaves tinged with a pinky-lilac edge. It’s super easy to care for and comes from Nuevo Leon in the northern part of Mexico.

Did you know? The Lilacina is also known as the ghost echeveria because of its unique lilac grey leaves.

Top 3 Care Tips

Dry Soil

Dry Soil

Water your plant sparingly once a month, making sure the soil dries out first



Water the soil directly, avoiding the leaves



Place it in a bright and airy location, but keep it out of direct sunlight

Things To Do

The Lilacina is a succulent, so stores water in its leaves. It won’t need watering very often, once a month is fine and slightly more in the Summer. You can let the soil dry out before watering again.

 Lilacina’s love sunlight, so place it somewhere that gets plenty of natural light.

It’s normal for the lower leaves to die off from time to time, you can simply pinch these ones off.

Things Not To Do

Be careful not to overwater your plant. Succulents don’t like sitting in water, as this can lead to root rot. If you think you have overwatered your plant, try and pour any excess away by tipping the plant upside down over a sink and let the soil dry out before watering again. It’s also best to not water the leaves or let water sit in the rosette, water should be poured directly into the soil.

 Too much sun exposure can turn the leaves brown. That’s why natural, indirect sunlight is best for the Lilacina. The plant’s sensitive to extreme or sudden temperature changes. It’ll be happiest in a warm spot away from draughts and radiators.

If you find your lilacina leaves get very brittle, it’s a sign it needs a good drink. If it’s leaves shatter when touched, this means your succulent is very thirsty.

Try not to touch your plant too much, as the powder coating will come off. This doesn’t harm the plant in any way but it does look prettier when untouched.