We are super excited this week at the TLB HQ. Being just a small team managing a new brand that is doing great things, we are pretty busy, so when we were given the opportunity to add a new recruit to help us grow and offer you even more fabulous things (and add someone to our business who already knows lots about plants), we couldn’t say no!

We thought we would introduce you all to Trista! Having just landed in the UK only a week ago what better time is there to bombard her with lots of questions so we can all find out a bit more. We are very lucky to have Trista join us for 2 years and she brings with her some great knowledge and experience from the world of Horticulture in Taiwan. Having worked for Orchid nurseries for many years and a real passion for plants we can’t wait to learn as well as teach Trista a little bit more about us!

What time does your alarm go off in the morning now you are in England? And how does that differ to your life in Taiwan?
I wake up at around 6.30am which is similar as I was in Taiwan since it took me 1.5 hrs commute to work (now just a 15 minute walk in the country side!). I can chat with my family before work which is super!

Why did you decide to take the leap and spend some time working in the UK, we think you are so brave!?
I love to experience different cultures especially in Europe where there is a much longer history compared to Taiwan. Luckily, I was selected to come here by the UK government. So why not have a new adventure? ?

What have you enjoyed so far about your time in the UK?
I enjoy the lifestyle here so much and all the beautiful scenery in the villages and towns in the South of England!

Do you have a favourite plant on The Little Botanical website?
I like everything on The Little Botanical, but my favourite one is Bright Pink Begonia! It’s so elegant and gorgeous, I would love to have one in my room!

Your English is amazing! Who taught you and can you speak any other languages?
My mother tongue is Chinese and I also speak Taiwanese.

What do you hope to see and do whilst you are in England?
Loch Ness Monster and Highland cattle!

Tell us your favourite meal?
Hot pot!

Thanks Trista- we have loved learning more about you and we can’t wait for you to teach us lots of new things whilst you are here!

Team TLB xx