Haworthia Care Guide

This distinctive little succulent plant has slim, spiky leaves which grow in rosettes. Newbies will have no trouble keeping it alive, as it only needs a little TLC to thrive.

Did you know? The striking haworthia big band succulent is also known as the zebra cactus, as it has white striped leaves

Top 3 Care Tips



Water your plant once a month with a small amount of water straight into the soil

Dry Soil

Dry Soil

Let the soil dry out in between waterings to prevent the plant from becoming oversaturated



Place your Haworthia in a bright and airy room with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight

Things To Do

Haworthias are used to dry conditions and like other succulents, they store water in their leaves. This means you only need to give yours a small amount of water once a month, directly into the soil. You can pour any excess away by tipping the plant upside down over a sink.

Haworthias enjoy a bright spot but can also tolerate a medium lit spot in your home

A bright windowsill is a good position for your Haworthia. They like bright to indirect sunlight best.

Haworthia are happiest in a dry environment. You can lightly mist the moss to try and keep it looking fresh and green.

Things Not Do To

 This hardy little succulent is used to living in hot, dry conditions, so don’t let your Haworthia sit in water, as this can lead to root rot.

Poor light can cause the plant to turn white in colour, so avoid dark corners in your home.