We know lots of you don’t like the cliché that is a New Year’s Resolution; list writing, goal setting and lifestyle changes. But we do, sorry, but we really do. When a New Year arrives, we LOVE the excitement of both personal and business focus and changes. We like to grab a new notebook (who doesn’t love an opportunity for new stationery) review the previous year and start to plan for the year ahead. We are enjoying doing just that in our Little Botanical team.

Despite the darker days and colder starts, January brings a real feeling of Spring being not too far away. The Daffodils are starting to pop up from the slightly damp grass and the birds are tweeting that little bit earlier in the morning.

This January we urge you to do something new; make a tiny change and just see how it makes you feel. Here are some of our top tips to help you get the most out of what many would call the most depressing month of the year and how to really make sure you don’t feel the negativity on Blue Monday in a couple of weeks!

  • Write a to-do list. Find the work-life balance you are looking for. Clear your mind and write down what needs to be achieved. You are far more likely to achieve it.
  • Water your plants. Well, of course you must, but this could be something you may have neglected over Christmas. Give your indoor jungle some love. A little water, maybe a light dusting on the leaves and perhaps try them in a new spot too. And don’t feel bad about clearing out the sad, old looking ones to make room for some newbies to your plantgang.
  • Pop an air purifying plant on your desk at work. Our Sansevieria has countless benefits but the most exciting is that there has been a lot of research carried out to prove that adding these plants in your interior workspace really does improve productivity and they look awesome.
  • Drink more water! Just like plants, we need water too, and a lot more we think we need.  A little tip we are trying in the office is before every meal drink a 1 pint of water. You know Herbal teas count too, we love the Pukka range of teas in The Little Botanical team.
  • Set yourself 5 goals (personal or career-wise). Small or big. Why not print them out and tell someone so you have accountability for those new goals.
  • Try some Aloe Vera based products this month; perhaps a drink, a skin care product or even an Aloe from The Little Botanical. One of our team swears by The Aloe Vera moisturiser by The Body Shop. Our trendy potted Aloe Vera is another multi-use house plant. Not only do they remove toxins from the air in your home, have excellent healing properties when applied to a burn and but also they look so sophisticated too!

This January put on your positive hat and go get ‘em! There really is no better time to make some changes to your life (including a few green ones) that you can continue for the whole of 2019.

Happy New Year from The Little Botanical Team xx