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Croton Care Guide

Croton Care Guide

Croton plants have been a popular houseplant for centuries. There are several different varieties, including the Pictum, Aucubifolia, Yellow Banana, Bush Fire, Gold Dust and the Petra.

Did you know? Nothing compares to the foliage colour and leaf shape of the Croton Family of plants. Colours range from reds, oranges, pinks, yellows and greens. The leaves can be broad and elliptical, narrow and linear and even corkscrew shaped!


Keep the soil evenly moist


They love humidity, so should be misted regularly


Crotons love a sunny spot, so position your plant in a room with plenty of bright light

Things To Do


Crotons can lose lots of moisture through their large leaves, so they need plenty of moisture to remain hydrated. You should water your plant weekly and more often in the Summer months.  In the cooler months, keep the soil slightly drier.

In order to ensure the colours remain vibrant, Crotons need lots of bright light. Approximately 4-6 hours of light a day will ensure new growth doesn’t revert to green.

Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them looking their best.

Things Not To Do


Don’t panic if your Croton loses a few leaves when you first receive it. This is normal Croton behaviour as they are sensitive little guys and don’t like to be moved around too much.

Crotons don’t like erratic watering; they won’t love you if they are left very wet or very dry. This will cause leaf drop. Watering regularly and evenly will prevent this.

If you are still seeing leaf drop and you are happy with your watering regime, your Croton could be getting a draught. They don’t like to get too cold, so move to a warmer spot.

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