Surrounding yourself with gorgeous greenery is guaranteed to lift your spirits if you need a pick me up at the moment. Houseplants are actually known to boost your mood, purify the air and even help you concentrate. They look pretty fab too. So as we are heading into Winter during this lockdown, bringing the outdoors in has never been more important. 

During the first lockdown, we were super lucky with the beautiful weather, which meant so many people took advantage of the sun and got out into the garden. Lockdown 2.0 is all about bringing the outdoors in. Greening up our living spaces, cosying up a corner, brightening up a room, bringing warmth inside with new colours, and of course removing toxins from the air by adding houseplants to our homes.

Style your home 

We’re a positive bunch here at Team TLB and like to think we look on the brighter side of life, whatever is thrown at us. So we’ve listed a few positives to being in lockdown that we think you’ll appreciate. The top one being the amount of time we’ve had to appreciate and enjoy our homes.  If you’re anything like us, you’ve either reorganised and restyled your home to give it a little seasonal pick-me-up or you are planning a little update before Christmas. Take a look below at our co-founder, Morag’s, top tips for restyling your home this Winter. They’re super simple and relatively cheap too.  

Creating cosy corners 

Adding a warm cosy throw to your sofa will bring some texture into your space and to soften a room for Winter. Bring colour in from the season outside with a few of our favourites from @SecretLinenstore; their Spice Big Waffle Throw and Pewter Grey Knitted Cotton Throw look so good and will refresh and transform your sofa for a new season in one easy step.  Creating a cosy space with rich textures and tactile materials is the perfect way to add some warmth. Paired with our houseplants on a low table and ta-dah – your new corner is cosy and appealing! All you need is a coffee and your favourite book and you can snuggle up and relax.

Cushions are king 

Since we are talking sofas, adding a whole new vibe to space couldn’t be easier than scattering a few plump cushions on your sofa. Bringing in patterns, textures and warmth is simple with a few cushions dotted here and there. We love the gorgeous patterned cushions by @missprint_ltd; the British design studio that knows everything there is to know about adding patterns to a space, they have a stunning selection of cushions. We are also huge fans of our favourite Eden Pink Oblong velvet cushions from @cushoouk. The tactile and luxurious velvet makes lounging super comfy.  Our favourite is the pink, of course, we reckon the oh-so-popular pink and green colour combo is here to stay and with a Succulent Plant Gang placed on a low table beside a chunky knit footstool, you’ve turned a plain sofa into a zen space for everyone to enjoy.  

Different height tables 

Adding a table or two at different heights is the perfect addition to space and will update your interior look instantaneously.  Practical for a cuppa but also placed to help draw the eye to a focal point in your indoor space. Tables can really add a contemporary feel. And yes, they are the perfect place to add some greenery too, bringing some green texture and warmth into the room. Check out our Satin Pothos and Zamio in marble pots, this plant gang is the perfect amount of greenery for any space. Biophilic design is big in the interior design world and you can grab your very own slice of it by adding a little green gang to your home. Our My Home Bundle or Trailing Plant Gang will truly bring the outdoors in.

Our other most favourite piece of furniture, is the must-have interior lovers, Bar Trolley. So easy to style with a Boston Fern and a few bottles of gin and you’ve created a gorgeous lockdown mini bar in your very own home. Our favourite is the Antique Copper Shoreditch Drinks Trolley. Effortlessly cool and perfectly sized to add style to a space. 

Books create a homely feel 

We’d all love a library but we’ll settle for a few coffee table books or a stack of novels waiting to be read and enjoyed in your newly updated space. Books look great in any room, making it feel homely and adding your mark. They help absorb noise too if you have a noisy bunch of kids to contend with! 

Shelfie anyone?

We love an Instagrammable room as much as any interior lover, but adding your own personal touch is so important to make a space yours. A shelf is the perfect way to do that. Floating shelves with a few carefully chosen homewares and a plant or two will break up empty space and create a focal point in the room. Add some art prints to completely personalise your room at a relatively low cost. We love the plant art from @dollybirdsart and @thecuriousdepartment. You may have spotted a few of our fave art prints on our Instagram page. 

Make a statement with your greenery 

Add some large greenery to create texture and colour in your home with our statement plants in Belly Baskets. These plants are big enough to make an impact even when placed on the floor. Instantly adding colour and a feature to your indoor space, bringing the outdoors in has never looked so good. Our fave is the glossy leafy XL Ficus Elastica in Belly Basket or the XL Strelizia Nicolai and Large Dracaena in Belly Basket, these beauties are guaranteed to make a statement and refresh your home space. So with lockdown 2.0 in full swing and the weather on the cooler side, hopefully, we’ve made you see the brighter side of being home-focused. It’s a great time to create some interesting interior updates which will not only transform your home but also get your indoor space ready for the busy Christmas period. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through our ideas. Happy lock down everyone!