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We love having greenery in our lives but there are times when we want a bit more colour. In our opinion, the best way to do this is to add flowers. While a vase of flowers might last a week, a flowering plant will last much much longer and keep coming back! Have a read of why we love flowering plants.

Indoor gardens

If you don’t have much of a garden or one at all, bringing some flowering plants into your home creates the impression of the outdoors, but with a little less maintenance! Some plants may seem like they are only for outside, such as begonias, but actually these can do just as well indoors. They give you the perfect opportunity to develop your green fingers and are a great way to decorate. They’re also perfect if you rent your flat or house, as they can add some personality and give a whole new look. Then when you move out, you can take them with you and they won’t affect your deposit!

Health benefits

We’ve written a fair bit on plant power and this isn’t exclusive to green plants. Plants with flowers do their bit to help purify the air increase humidity through respiration and photosynthesis. This can help you to get over colds quicker and also helps to boost your mood. Furthermore, they can give off a lovely sweet smell, perfect for relaxing as you drift off to sleep or have a catnap on your sofa. 

Good for your wellbeing

As well as physical benefits, flowers can also contribute toward lower stress levels. There have been a number of studies that have looked into this and found that being near live plants has reduced stress. One looked at how people reacted when in a room with a flowering plant compared with those in one just with green foliage or others in a room that had no plants at all. The room with the flower plants showed subjects had faster beta brain waves and it reduced their measurable stress levels. 

Another study from Harvard looked specifically at flowers in the home. It asked people to put flowers in places where they could be seen on a day to day basis. Those who did this reported a noticeable improvement in their home and higher compassion levels! 

So if you want to give a friend a gift, why not pick one that you can say also has a positive effect on their mind? A perfect present if they’re about to sit a big test or have a huge deadline at work. Or a lovely treat for yourself if the anxiety levels are getting a bit high!


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