In our opinion, Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for…they have everything they need don’t they? At The Little Botanical HQ we thought we would help out and give you some suggestions for the Dad’s in your life. Watch out Dads – you are in for an extra special treat!

Check out our Ficus Ginseng, it’s the perfect little tree in a pot. Launched specifically for Father’s Day – it is a such lovely gift. Every time your Dad looks at it and gives it a little prune, he will be thinking of you! What is not to love about that?
And…did you know that in its root form; (i.e Ginseng Tea) it is known for increasing energy, improving mood, reducing stress and even improving brain function! As a plant in your home, it will purify the air and filter airborne toxins too. The little tree doesn’t need too much attention and just like trimming his beard, it can be maintained with a few snips to keep the height and shape desired.

How about a gift from the favourite little person in his life – have you seen our Succulent Heart Hoya Kerri. These heart shaped succulents are just the cutest gift and we guarantee will bring a huge smile to his face. Succulents are super easy to care for so definitely a great gift for the first-time dad that’s busy juggling work and changing nappies too!

Or maybe you are after a gift for the healthy Dad. Look no further than our stunning Aloe Vera. These plants look super stylish in our grey pots and are very well known for their health benefits too.

Why not brighten up his office with a trio of succulents, they look great grouped on a desk or in a corner of the room. We would recommend these 3 varieties as the easiest to care for and they are very on-trend too for all the trendy Dads out there! Miranda, Echeveria Hookeri and Haworthia.

Take a peek at our website and feel free to get in touch if you have any green questions; our little green loving team are happy to help!