Exam Buddies

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With the exam season fast approaching and stress-levels running high, now is the perfect time to enjoy the natural benefits of greenery. Give someone special some plant power with our curated range of ‘Exam Ready’ plants.

Plants have been scientifically proven to clean the air around you, reduce common health complaints such as headaches, as well as make you feel happier and less anxious.

In recognition of this, we have created a special range of indoor plants designed for students during this crucial time in the academic year.

The ultimate gift to boost morale as well as concentration, we have selected plants that are easy to care for and will look perfect on any desk.

Take a look at our guide on plants we think are perfect study buddies. You can also read on more detailed guides on the health-boosting powers of plants and how they can really tackle your stress levels.

Hopefully, these plants can go some way to making the study and exam period a bit more manageable.

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