Cactus Care Guide

The Cactus is small but mighty. A spikey, sun-loving beauty that is perfect for newbie plant-parents.

Did you know? Cacti have spines instead of leaves. In its natural habitat this helps it collect water in a foggy desert.



Lightly water your cactus every 4-6 weeks or the tiniest amount every 2 weeks. Check the soil has completely dried out first.

Check Soil

Check Soil

Check the soil more often in the summer, as your plant will need more water when the weather is warmer and it’s in growing season.



Cacti don’t survive in dark spaces, so keep your spikey friend in a bright room with plenty of light all year round.

Things to do

Cacti benefit from around six hours of sunlight a day. Place your cactus in a bright, well-lit room. A south-facing window is perfect.

Water your cactus sparingly when the soil’s completely dry and only add enough to make the top of the soil slightly damp.

Things not to do

 Don’t get too close to those spikes, you might get pricked! Cactus burrs can become loose so try not to handle this product, if you do, make sure you wear thick gloves. If skin contact occurs, wash your hands immediately. Any visible spines can be removed with tweezers or sticky tape.

Also, be careful not to overwater your Cactus. This is actually one of the worst things you can do. Cacti can become brown and mushy if the soil is too wet.

The plant goes through a dormant period in the winter where growth slows down, so reduce the watering back to only once every 2 months.

Underwatering and low light levels can cause your cactus to droop or fall over. Ensure the cacti is given a small drink and pop it in a brighter spot in your home.

Cactus can turn brown at the lower part of the plant due to root rot. This occurs due to overwatering and unfortunately can’t be reversed.