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Check out our Autumn collection, a selection of gorgeous Houseplants & Succulents.

When autumn arrives, we need to get used to colder weather and shorter days. It’s always sad when we say goodbye to summer, but don’t worry. With the addition of some indoor autumn plants, you can brighten up your interior with some stunning greenery. 

Our autumn plants are carefully chosen to fit with the seasonal vibes at this time of year. As there’s less sunlight, low-maintenance plants that can survive in shadier conditions are a perfect choice. We have a whole collection of houseplants that are true survivors. So if you’re busy or not the best at remembering to water your plant, it’s no big deal! 

Just because these autumn plants are easy to care for, it doesn’t mean their looks are going to suffer for it. With their vibrant, glossy leaves, these plants will brighten up your home and add a touch of green to contrast those lovely autumn leaves. 

Whether you’re looking to position a plant in the darker corners of your room or you want a beautiful botanical to take centre stage, we’ve got the right indoor plant for you. For any further information on these autumn houseplants, feel free to speak with our friendly team today. 

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