Shelves with lots of little plants on including Christmas trees, next to a wicker star on the wall.

Every year there is a bit of a debate about when we can put the tree up, get the Christmas playlist going or start wearing our fabulous Christmas jumpers! Okay, some of us are all in and gung-ho by the end of November and some of us wait until we are well into December to start feeling Christmassy. Either way, with now less than a month to go… at TLB HQ we have well and truly launched our festive Christmas range. Go and take a look (if you haven’t already) as those little trees have been flying out the door!

Looking for some help choosing your gift? Our new Christmas Gift Finder is the perfect solution!

Going for Gold (and green)

Our gold-tipped succulents were so popular last year, we have brought them back again! This year, they are even more special as they are potted in our stunningly festive green and gold ceramic pots! They complement the green and gold tips of the mini and medium miranda perfectly and both make great gifts or add that something extra to your Christmas table setting. 

O Christmas Tree, with little LEDs…

Okay so maybe that isn’t quite how the carol goes, but everyone is loving our mini Christmas trees. With a little string of LED lights wrapped around the tree, they add the perfect touch of Christmas. These mini trees are just the right size to sit perfectly anywhere in your home or office.  We have them popped on our office desk! 

They also look perfect on the mantelpiece, on a bookshelf or you can create a festive display in the middle of your table. These mini Picea Trees arrive potted in our very on-trend green and gold ceramic pots. This variety won’t start to drop their needles until after Christmas, so will look perfect for the big day. Just be sure to keep your Mini Christmas Tree away from direct sunlight and cold draughts and give it the occasional water.

Quirky Festive Style 

The Christmas season is just perfect for plants – all that green! And a living gift is such a fab present to receive. We have selected a few of our other favourite plants that will add some style to your Christmas and oh yes they will look a bit different to the standard holly, ivy and mistletoe! 

For Christmas only, we have launched a mini Dracaena head in our green and gold ceramics. It works beautifully paired with a mini gold-tipped Miranda and is a great gift if you are looking for something unique. 

Absolutely bang-on-trend is our Bunny-ear Cactus. Christmas is all about cacti this year if you want to show off your unique style. Check out Instagram influencer @la_sidhu for a Cactus inspired Christmas! Our Bunny-ear Cactus doesn’t need any decorations as it produces its own little tufts that look like tiny pearls or snow scattered over it. If you love Christmas with a twist, then this is the plant for you.  Potted in our green and gold ceramics, this is a year-round classic plant and it is super easy to care for too. 

The final item in our fab Christmas range is the Mini Peperomia Rotundifolia. This is a lovely little plant that has such a vibrant green colour. While the more common Ivy is a popular Christmas trailing plant, we wanted to find something more unique that gave a similar feel. This peperomia will slowly creep over the edges of the pot, and with its delicate round leaves, adds a bit of softness. It looks just lovely paired with the mini Dracaena head and you can add a few extra decorations like pinecones, dried oranges or cinnamon sticks to turn it into the perfect festive table centrepiece. 

At TLB we couldn’t be happier about Christmas being on the horizon. We love love love the build-up and decorating our homes with even more green!  We have all the festive feels already.  

If you are decorating your home this weekend, you don’t want to miss out on our green and gold range. As you can see, it looks so good.  And don’t forget you can send a Little Green Christmas gift – we’ll even hand-write the card for you.  

Remember to tag us in your photos on Instagram @thelittlebotanical so we can see how you style our plants in your homes. We love to see our plants in their forever homes.

Now we are off for our coffee fix and maybe a mince pie or two, it is December after all.

Happy Christmas!


Team TLB x