Welcome to our monthly feature where we will talk to our friends, colleagues, other businesses we love and maybe even our mums to do a little feature, we have inventively named “A day in the life of….”

Our first one is our Brand and NPD Manager Sarah, who has been involved in the creation and launch of The Little Botanical from the very beginning!

What time does your alarm wake you?
I am always the first one up in our house, with my alarm going off at 6.30am. I get up, chuck on some clothes and head straight to the fields over the road from my house with our little puppy Stanley.

A very fast march round and I am back to chaos- checking that both my children are dressed and eating breakfast. If all is in order, we tend to leave the house around 8am, school run and then on to the office. I am so lucky that our head office is just 10 minutes from my home so the commute is very painless (unless a cyclist or tractor holds me up for a few minutes!)

As soon as you arrive in the office you….?
I usually check my e-mails and my diary to see if anything exciting is happening that needs me to be prepared. If not too much to plan for then on to the job in hand which could be planning the next seasonal event, checking stock on the nursery floor, replying to customer e-mails or researching potential new business.

What are you responsible for?
My main role is ensuring our fabulous brand goes from strength to strength, this involves a bit of everything right now! Marketing, social media, press, sales, customer services, new product development, strategizing for the future and everything in between. When a brand first launches it really has to be all hands on deck and we are in that stage where every day is a little different and presenting us with fun challenges that we will always find a way of overcoming!

Best part of your job?
I love sales- so for me there is nothing better than working together with a customer to ensure that we deliver to them exactly what they need. Whether that is a single orchid shipped to a consumer’s home, or truck loads of plants that are brand new hitting the shelf for the first time. It’s all about sales and I have been lucky enough to always works for businesses where I love what I sell. If you believe in your product selling it isn’t a challenge.

At 5pm I can be seen…
Rushing home to tidy away the kids school shoes, bags and lunch boxes and lay them all out again for the morning. Often a quick change in to my gym gear and I am at a Crossfit class and occasionally come 9pm I might make it to the sofa with my dinner on my lap (the glamour!).