It’s the New Year and we are just brimming with excitement in the Little Botanical Team. We have had a very successful first 2 months and can’t wait to tell you all about what’s coming next!

Since we have started, we have packed lots and lots of boxes of plants and sent them on their merry way to all you plant lovers. We had a real boom of Xmas orders and they have continued to keep on coming in January. We are absolutely delighted!

We have also had a plethora of feedback and reviews – which has made us extra happy!

So what does New Year mean for us in The Little Botanical Team.
We love making lists and planning ahead and are already looking at on trend plants to add to our existing range. Watch this space!

What does New Year mean for you… Is it a healthy start to 2018 you are looking for?

We’d recommend taking a peek at our lovely competition we have with our friends at Montezuma’s. Do you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to feel guilty? This is your chance to win chocolate and plants. Match made in heaven in our opinion!! The chocolate is sugar free and 100% cocoa AND it tastes amazing! Click the link below to enter-

And don’t forget, to get a real boost of oxygen in your home plants purify the air. So adding more greenery to your home should be top of your list in 2018!

All of the following plants are known oxygen producers; Orchids, Chamaedorea Palm, Sansevieria and Aloe Vera. These guys are among the top oxygen producing plants you can find and they could actually help you sleep better and feel more energetic. NASA research says so and those guys know there stuff.

We truly believe the positive experience of existing alongside nature in an interior space is hugely underrated and we want people to see the benefits of plants that are easy to care for to help reduce the constant stresses of modern life.

Happy New Year to all our plant friends and we love to chat so find us on Instagram, Facebook or drop us an e-mail with all your plant related queries!