Spring feels like it is finally here and Magical Hydrangeas are helping to make our homes more colourful and alive!

Did you know that Magical Hydrangeas last for 150 days and slowly change colour over time? There are two varieties: the Magical Revolution, which starts as pink and gradually becomes a stunning dark red, and Magical Amethyst, which begins as blue and transforms to deep emerald green. As their names suggest, it really is magical watching them evolve throughout their super long lifespan.

Blue Magical Hydrangeas
Pink Magical Hydrangeas

The magic happens when the indoor hydrangeas are exposed to daylight, and the changes in colour reflect the change in seasons. Their starting colours are suitable for a fresh and vibrant spring. The final richer flowers coincide with early Autumn, as the leaves start to fall from the trees. They’re a brilliant way to keep flowers in your home. They last around 15 times as long as a bouquet!

150 days challenge

These beautiful plants are produced by Magical Colours Your Home and they are challenging everyone to see who can make their Magical Hydrangea last the longest. For 150 days, simply make sure you keep them inside and take photos as they change.

If you want to get involved in the challenge, you can get tips and tricks from the experts on how to help your plants thrive. You also have the chance to share your ideas for styling and care with fellow challengers. It’s a great way to get involved and show off your green fingers! Simply sign up to the Challenge to be kept updated and share away.

You can start the challenge at any point so simply order your plant and start documenting the magical flowers to keep track of your progress.

Show off your Magical Hydrangeas across the 150 days by posting on Instagram and tagging @thelittlebotanical in your photos and stories. You can also post with the hashtags #magicalhydrangea and #magical150dayschallenge.

Caring for your Magical Hydrangeas

What makes these plants even more amazing is that they are perfect for beginners as well as more experienced gardeners and plant parents. This is because they are pretty low-maintenance! Keep the soil moist and add a bit of hydrangea plant nutrient just one a month. That is it! So if you feel nervous about keeping a plant alive for 150 days, you have nothing to worry about.

Here at The Little Botanical, we are all about making it easy for people to fill their homes with plants. Even if you have zero plant or gardening experience!

Styling your Magical Hydrangeas

Magical Hydrangeas are a beautiful and bold plant to have as showstopper due to their large clusters of blooms and heart-shaped leaves. Their natural beauty brightens up any home, and they remain quite compact so are manageable even in smaller spaces.

They’re also a classic flower and have been popular for a while, but they have seen a bit of a spike in their popularity recently. This goes along with trends for country style interiors and also floral fashion.

Remember that when you post pictures as part of your 150 day challenge to show us how you style them! We love to see the close-up shots of the pretty petals, but also how you incorporate them in your homes.

So where can you find Magical Hydrangeas?

Here at TLB, we are very excited to have the exclusive UK rights to grow and sell these beautiful plants. You can find the blue version here, and the pink here. And like all of our plants, they come in their own stylish custom pots!

Good luck to everyone who takes up the 150 day challenge. Keep us up to date and we may just feature some of you on our blog!